the trend of continuous decline in the next quarter with shipments down 5% of the main reason why Microsoft’s plan to start charging the debit license the Windows 10 operating system.

Apple MacBooks shipments declined 40.4% in the first quarter, which puts Apple in sixth place among the eight major notebook manufacturers. MacBook shipments continued to decline partly because Apple has not provided a laptop ready to boost sales and raise anticipation.

It has also reduced sales volumes shipping MacBook temporary boost. This, along with Windows-based competitors gaining ground because Windows 10, pushed down Apple MacBooks.

But now Apple has finally managed to introduce a new MacBook on the market data that would be available in the second quarter and whether the main cause was the appeal of Apple and the lack of innovation or other factors general market.

Lenovo took the first position by replacing HP. Lenovo shipment volumes plunged 10% over the previous year, while grabbed market share from 22% in the first quarter of 2016.

The decrease HP for second place with a decrease of 21, 2% it was not particularly his own doing. In fact, the company focused on the cleanliness of shares held, paving the way for retailers to keep the new models that are ready for the second quarter.

The only positive point in the Brand laptop table was Samsung comeback. The Korean giant has made its way into the notebook market in late 2015, and thus has seen a yoy jump of 43% shipment volumes. However, only has a 2.2% share of the market. Even MacBooks Apple has a market share of 7.1% in the first quarter.