Detailed statistics on HP Inc. reveals the following:

The weekly performance is measured at 12.85% with a quarterly return is 24.69%. The monthly performance shows a value of 10.89% with the annual return of -9.73%. The performance for the year to date (YTD) currently measured at 14.79%.

HP Inc. earnings per share of $ 2.05 and EPS growth for this year shows a value of -5.40%. The return on investment is 14.40% and return on equity of the organization mentioned above, however, its current value is now.The stroll 30.10% return on assets (ROA) for HP Inc . it is 5.10%.

Earnings per share (EPS) is a direct measure of the profit of an organization. EPS is measured by subtracting the dividends of earnings and dividing by the total volume of outstanding shares. HP3-F18 Free Exam Question Answers

The return on investment (ROI) is defined as the amount of money the organization has gained or lost on an investment law – in simple terms.

The return on equity (ROE) profitability and efficiency with which these benefits is estimated breeding. The ROE is formulated by dividing the total earnings for the full amount capitalized in the company money.

Return on assets (ROA) is a useful indicator showing the profitability of a company is really in terms of total assets. ROA is calculated by dividing the total annual income of the total assets of the company.

HP Inc. has a 3.72% dividend yield and price/earnings (P/E) ratio of 6.57 is to be observed. He has a relationship forward P/E of 8.15, and a growth of 5.71 price benefits. The price to sales growth is 0.38.

HP Inc. shows a 52-week low of 53.95% and -9.95% 52 weeks. The company has a simple moving average of 20 days 11.32% with a volume of 11.32%. The average volume of 13,438.86 floating around at the moment.

HP Inc. Technical statistics:

HP Inc. has a simple moving average of 11.32% in its last 20 days. The simple moving average last 200 days roll 15,07%. HP Inc. shows a beta of 1.69, with a weekly and monthly volatility is 2.94% and 2.60%, respectively.