New Google Chromebook: Focused on businesses

The Chromebook 13 is certainly one of the most beautiful models that we have seen eyeing yet, and this refinement has much to do with the fact that HP is the corporate market rather than just home users.

This can be seen by the range of ports found in the device. For one, you can find a microSD card slot, while the other side houses two USB ports Quick-C, USB 3.0, openness and the 3.5mm headset always present. Charge the device via the USB-C ports, and the new MacBook and HP also announced the USB-C Elite dock that allows users to run two external monitors with a wide range of standard peripherals such that a mouse and a keyboard.

No new Intel Core internal Skylake-M processors, with options for one of the Pentium, M3, M5, M7 or according to your energy needs. These will be paired with up to 16GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Battery life is also described as being about 11.5 hours, which should get most people through the average work day.

New Google Chromebook: high quality display

Chromebook screens can often leave much to be desired, except in the vivid Toshiba Chromebook 2, but the new HP supply avoids taking such limitations and instead opt for an impressive QHD IPS + screen 13.3in diagonal with a resolution of 3200×1800 in the amount of 5.76 million pixels on the screen.

This seems to be a non-tactile version instead of the multi-touch screen on the Chromebook Pixel, but we believe it is a small price to pay for a very detailed and colorful display. HP does not offer a number of configurations for the Chromebook 13 with the base model, supposedly sporting a 1080p display finishing slightly lower mat specification, but we need to get a hold of before we can confirm.

New Google Chromebook: UK price and release date

For the entry level configuration – that is assuming contain 1080p display, Pentium, and 4GB of RAM – HP application £ 399. The amount of various improvements will cost is not yet known, but more information will be available to continue to update this feature.

HP said that the Chromebook 13 is now available to order from your site, but after a determined look, we could not find a listing for the device. Hopefully this will change soon.