HP announces the worlds smallest all-in-one printer, but it already makes a smaller one

I think I have not met anyone with fond printers of view, these unfortunate relics used to convert digital information into an analog format. Most households will still need to print a long document to another, but they are at least getting a little easier to ignore.

Here is how HP helps: the announcement of what he says is the “smallest all-in-one in the world”, which means it can function as a printer and a scanner today. It is quite fair to look as far as printers go – in some alternate universe corporate frighteningly, this printer is quite a departure Pokémon that will eventually turn into a monster fax.

Just check these dimensions: 15.86 inches wide by 17.75 inches deep by 10.39 inches high. Wow.

Well, actually, this is the thing: a printer that is more than a foot in two dimensions still looks pretty big, at least compared to most other modern appliances. HP is doing some interesting things to get your waist down, as the copy sheets of the machine of the coil, rather than having to be exposed flat. There is also wireless. But still gets you so far.

More importantly, HP is not even due to “the world smaller” printer be this all-in-one. There’s this strange portable printer that seems much smaller, and, uh, also this other HP printer that is certainly smaller, too. HP’s definition of “the world smaller” comes with a large asterisk. It ignores any printer that sells for more than $ 250, and both sell for much more.

new HP printer, called DeskJet 3755 All-in-One, moreover, will sell for $ 69.99, which is a much more reasonable price for a printer you buy if you need only (although they may be find the biggest HP printers for less). This can not really be the smallest, but it will at least look great around the house if you are in the soft blue or has a window overlooking the Mediterranean.


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