His promise: 10 times speed.

“We want to change the world so as parties” says Prints Nigro, who previously Corrio the printing division of $ 20 million HP. “The Clients are looking for ways to transform their print (3-D) business, from prototype to production.”

The system marks the first fruits of HP print ad 2014 finals has immersed in the 3D printing. HP not pioneer in the business of printing, deployed back 3-D printers – from $ 130.000 – $ 155.000 there extermo solution to an end (including software). Development is co-system with nine companies that are business partners That could better “understand their pain points,” says Nigro.

BMW plans to integrate HP printing system in the Futura series production of parts and personal adaptation, according to Jens Ertel, head of BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Center.

Nike has been using the 3-D printing what it calls “Innovations of performance” for his shoes several years ago, says Tom Clarke, president of the innovation by Nike. The agreement should allow HP What do more.

Neither BMW nor Nike revealed what products What plan to print 3-D, there amounts due to competitive reasons.

The raid 3-D is considered a business opportunity for main HP, the division of PC and What splintered Hewlett Packard Company (HPE) printers when Hewlett-Packard the original is divided in companies back $ 50 million thousand at the end of last year. Meg Whitman, H-P Corrio That is now Director General HPE.

The market for 3-D What printers improved to $ 1.516 billion worldwide last year, could multiply to $ 640 million if it penetrates only is a 5% economy $ 12.8 manufacture Trillions of US DOLLARS, says Terry Wohlers, president of Wohlers Associates market research.

“The opportunity to use 3-D printing for the final manufacturing part – of custom to limited edition and in mass production – is enormous,” he says. “Note 3-D printing fashion products, food and living tissue.”

HP is entering non Dominated by Stratasys market, it obtained 41% of What share of the world market for industrial 3-D printers with prices over $ 5,000 last year, according to Wohlers. 3D Systems and others are remarkable EnvisionTEC market leaders.

HP printing system for ideal letter, printing customized products, EAT sports shoes with multiple designs, and other Wohlers said.

That likely 3D’re not print in mass production in large factories PARTS, many Chinese, the short-term. high costs of acquisition and installation of such systems making the futurist make an expensive option. Instead, it is seen as a way to maintain low inventories and reduce response time for custom elements.

“The barriers to production in mass are quite high” Samantha says Snabes, CEO of Re: 3D fabless of 3-D printers based in Houston. “The high-end printers are expensive” – she says it can cost millions to purchase and install them – “And you can not pop (Product) every few seconds.”

For highly specialized parts, however, the 3-D printing makes it easier to get to market faster, says Kevin Tracy, director of strategy and corporate business development of Autodesk, which is working with HP.

“No one is going to use (printing the additive manufacturing, or 3-D) AM mass to produce in a million dollar cost of items What not everyone” he says.