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HP Elite X3 Windows 10 Mobile flagship may be getting its own apps

The HP Elite X3 is a flagship Windows Mobile device highly anticipated 10 would be one of the first smartphones are not from Microsoft to push the envelope in terms of functionality.

It is unclear at this time whether HP will focus on the device or consumer business users, but until now the X3 Elite is the appearance of a device to be excellent in helping users be more productive. Now we see through MicrosoftInsider.es HP can send some of their own branded apps with the X3 Elite.

The first of the two applications is a voice recorder HP, an application that should work well with a flagship mobile phone built-in microphones. With a sleek design, which seems to be a simple application that is easy to use.


The “Hub Device” is the other application found in the Windows Store under the name HP Inc .. The description indicates that provide the latest information on the offers, applications, and accessories for the device. In the images, the model is directly identified as shown X3 Elite, but confirming suspicions about the intention of the application. Get Free HP Exam Question Answers


Microsoft Insider Certainly HP has more applications and development services. According to them, a without notice application is passed around testers and employees under the code name “HP Alfred.” Although no other details on the available applications mysterious, sources indicate that HP is waiting for the season 2016 vacation.