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HP Inc’s CEO: How to Lead Through a Company Split

Dion Weisler is CEO of HP Inc

Dion Weisler says:

It has been nearly seven months since Hewlett Packard has two HP-Hewlett Packard Inc. and Enterprise businesses. Each has its own chief executive, its own publicly traded stock and its own range of products.

Australian-born Dion Weisler Inc. is the CEO of HP and talk to the fortune of Susie Gharib on the challenges and the freedom of action of the newly independent company.

“We are reinventing the company,” he said, adding that his job as leader is to “ensure that all this is going in the same direction.”

He also discussed the role of Meg Whitman, CEO and president of HP Enterprise Inc. Wiesler he said Whitman gave good leadership advice when he was elected to run HP.

“Follow your instincts,” he said, adding, “when you think you are ready to make a decision, make the decision and go running.”