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HP is a well reputed and reliable name in the IT industry that has preserved a very good status of producing quality products over the last many years. HP is also famous for providing HP certifications to competent candidates and has a long history in providing the best certification programs which have helped many new IT professionals to multiply their skills. Presently HP is working in many countries all over the world in the field of technology. HP is exploring both technology and services which can help IT professionals, students, and related companies to detect problems and accomplish clients’ requirements after realizing their possibilities, objectives, and dreams with distinctive ideas. HP is renowned in IT industry due to the production of complete technology product range. Learning at HP is rewarding, flexible and fast. Therefore, HP Certification is recognized globally as a benchmark to guarantee validation in technical and sales competencies and skills which are required to plan, deploy, and support HP services.

The HPE Certification and Learning program offers a complete range of levels, from introductory level to master level expertise. The highest level, Master ASE, is kept only for individuals who design the biggest and most complex solutions. Within each level, you will uncover a range of job roles. This ordered, step-by-step series of levels and roles means that you'll find a direct, proficient entry point into a program. It also means you can progress along multiple paths.

Unique Advantages of Having HP Certifications

Adorning your resume with an HP credential can definitely add to its value and help you in securing your professional success. HP certification is, in fact, a great achievement in your career path since it shall underline your expertise and knowledge with HP products and related technology helping you to overtake others in your profession. Following are some of the major benefits that you will enjoy once you become an HP certified professional.

1. One of the best advantages of having an HP certification is to enjoy the immediate boost that it will bestow on your career.
2. Achieving HP certification will gain you reputation from the most credible companies in the industry and you will able to get employed with the HP partners all around the globe.
3. High self-confidence is one of the greatest advantages, as the entire course will display your expertise and skills required to troubleshoot several issues that occur with HP systems.
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5. High salaried job offers have always been one of the vital motivational aspects when it comes to being an HP certified professional.
6. Moreover, if you are on job then your current employers will also provide you with additional compensations to retain your services.

How to get HP certified

Just as the other famous certification programs, there are different levels of HP certification exams as well. It begins with the entry-level exams and further lead to the advanced level of certification exams. You need to ensure that you have opted the most appropriate and authentic study material from a credible vendor as this is going to help you get through the certification exam successfully!
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HP Inc’s Sales Tumble On Weak PC, Printer Sales

HP Inc. which is the legacy of the hardware business of the former Hewlett-Packard, reported weaker than expected quarterly earnings, struggling with weak demand for personal computers and printers.
HP Inc's Sales Tumble On Weak PC, Printer SalesHP Inc shares were HPQ ^ 0.76% down 2% to $ 11.96 in electronic trading Wednesday.

Revenue in the sector of the company’s Personal Systems fell 9.9% in the second quarter ended June compared to the previous year in April, while revenue fell 15.8% in the division impression.

printer demand was injured as enterprise customers to reduce printing costs and consumers turn to mobile devices.

HP Inc expects adjusted earnings of 37-40 cents per share for the third quarter.

Analysts on average expected 40 cents, according to Thomson Reuters I / B / E / S.

The company reduced the top end of its forecast for 2016, the economic benefit of $ 1.65 per share from $ 1.69. The lower limit remains unchanged at $ 1.59.

HP’s profit from continuing operations fell to $ 660 million, or 38 cents per share, in the second quarter of $ 733 million, or 40 cents per share, a year earlier.

The turnover of the company fell to $ 11.59 billion from $ 12.98 billion.

Analysts on average expected earnings of 38 cents per share on revenue of $ 11.72 billion.

This is the second quarterly results of HP detached from Hewlett-Packard Inc.

The other company, Hewlett Packard Company HPE ^ 6.77%, announced Tuesday it would split and merger of its IT services struggle with Computer Sciences.

A Hewlett-Packard Spinoff Is Preparing to Split Again

Month after Hewlett-Packard is divided into two publicly traded companies, one of the new small business plans to become even smaller.

Latest HP news

Hewlett Packard Company will sell its enterprise services business, offering call centers and network maintenance, the Company TEAM Sciences in a stock transaction, the companies announced Tuesday.

The agreement is intended to be the next step in the recovery of the descendants of Hewlett-Packard, which erupted last fall after years of struggle wishes to turn his luck. Silicon Valley icon itself was divided into two small companies: HP Enterprise, which focuses on the sale of equipment and servers for enterprise customers and HP Inc.,s pecializing in personal computers and printers.

In partnership with Computer Science, HP Enterprise is the choice of another technology company that is the product of a corporate break. former parent a computer science company focused on the government last year and merged with another company, a similar offer came Tuesday structure.

Under the terms of the agreement, HP Enterprise Services unit will spin off company, which later merged with Computer Science in a stock transaction. HP Enterprise Computing Science and shareholders each own half the shares of the new company.

President and CEO of Computer Science, Mike Lawrie, realize these functions to the new company. CEO of Hewlett Packard, Meg Whitman, will join the merged board.

The complex maneuver, known in circles to do business as a reverse Morris Trust, means that shareholders of both HP Enterprise and IT should not pay taxes on the merger.

Tuesday’s agreement essentially cancels HP purchase of nearly $ 13 billion of Electronic Data Systems, the outsourcing company founded by H. Ross Perot.

HP Home shares rose nearly 11 percent in trading after hours, at $ 18, while those of Computer Science has increased nearly 24 percent to $ 44.05.

HP EMEA boss has a Cannes-do attitude to the channel

HP recently celebrated its 13th year as a partner of the Festival of Cannes formal technology. CRN met his new boss EMEA Nick Lazaridis at the event to see how to be installed on the paper.
cannes festival 2016

It was difficult to walk around Cannes during the film festival without seeing a reference to HP, its huge banner printed outside the Palais des Festivals to mark the Majestic Barrier, the main hotel of the event.

HP celebrated 13 years as an official partner of Technology festival and it was there that the new head of EMEA Supplier Nick Lazaridis spoke with CRN and reaffirmed the commitment of six HP Inc month for the channel.

With a history of 20 years in the industry, certainly Lazaridis has accumulated rich history vendorland. He worked in Acer, Dell, Lenovo and HP now – holding various roles in the APJ region – covering countries including India, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

He is currently responsible for all EMEA for the newly formed HP Inc. after the company split into two separate companies last November.

He explained that the region itself has been divided into eight sub-regions: France, UK and Ireland, Germany and Austria, Iberia, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, MEMA and GWF (Nordic Benelux and Switzerland).

“My first challenge was to meet with clients and our own material, which has a large team of people behind me,” he said.

He explained that the company’s strategy rests on three pillars – the PC and workstation graphics printing – support its release last week of high-end 3D printers.

But the real focus is on innovation, he said. “HP went through a period in the past when we changed CEOs often, but Meg Whitman came on board and we’re back to our core DNA, which is innovation. When Bill and Dave (Hewlett and Packard) has invented its first product in its former garage and sold to Disney, innovation is key.

nick lazaridis speaking

“We have a strong engine and a large number of patents (about 18,000), which were inactive during a dungeon CEO change. There are three years, HP laptops are very heavy and great when put against ultra laptops -minces and did not go well. but now that we have a lot of money on this and have the thinnest laptop in the world. ”

Continuing the theme of the product, Lazaridis said HP has bet big on two-in-one PC but the valve remains a huge market for the vendor. Despite the total tablet market with the greatest success in terms of lower sales according to market observers, HP was cushioned because it has not produced the consumption of compressed mass and played in the periphery.

“We also took away the phone,” he said. “There are hundreds of vendors that make phones, but only two of them are making money. After some of our competitors in the telephone game as a” me too “meant he would lose . instead, we are investing in new technologies such as 3D printing, we can not do unless you have a profitable business. ”

However, the channel is absolutely critical to the success of HP’s strategy, Lazaridis said.

“In terms of channel – which are omni-channel – Historically, there was only one channel, then added directly because some customers said they wanted a direct relationship with HP and we do everything for them, just as we do it with some clients the film industry we have here in Cannes.

“The channel is over 80 percent of our business. This is equivalent to 80 percent of a $ 52 billion. Many people told us that HP is the channel and out of us, would not exist. Although we have 50,000 employees, there are millions of people who work with us every day because of our extensive network of partners. ”

Lazaridis said the HP division into two companies in November was treated exactly right by HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler.

“In fact, we managed to grow the business for the division – which has carved a couple of thousands of people to focus on this and the firewall day to day during the company’s performance and the business of our members: what was happening, “he said.

“However, when he approached the time of the split, Dion made sure everyone was involved and it comes together. We got through it without dropping the ball and loyalty won. Many partners we said they feel and see that we support them. ”

“We exist to serve customers,” said Mike Lazaridis. “If we have market share, but not make money for shareholders or delivery to end customers, we are not winning. But we had a good wave of support as the new HP and where we are going. It is obvious that couples are never shy to tell us if we’re not on the right.

“We believe we are winning as well. It was a turbulent time, but the last three years have been the recovery, “he added.

“Meg [Whitman] came and realign the strategy. Everybody is full of energy that HP is now.”

Although HP is not obsessed with competition, he said it was the first provider to streamline its channel program with the first partner.

“The partners are now paid very simple and is a level playing field for non-selling value-added products,” he said. “Interestingly, our biggest competitor in the PC space is almost the same right after us. Re-launched its partner program and we basically copied copying is a form of flattery, I suppose!

“We are not obsessed with the competition. We watch our competitors, we have an advisory board and listen to our partners. The competition will always be there, but our goal is to play the game, strategy and we will end up winning . ”

HP said that he could not always control things like the price, but the goal was to help partners sell the value of your product to customers and get maximum value in return.

“We always think about what is the next evolution,” he said. “How can we meet everyone and ensure that the partners maintain success? They are our reason for being. “

HP’s new 3-D system to print Nikes, BMW parts

Sneakers mass production and parts of cars are about to roll off assembly lines and BMW Nike – assembly lines of 3D printer.

HP announced Tuesday the first 3-D printer in the world for large-scale manufacturing. Nine companies COME Nike, BMW are Johnson & Johnson, are testing the fusion of HP 3D printing solutions multi Jet says Stephen Nigro, who the business directs the 3-D printing HP. He gave the news in the technology conference in Orlando today RAPID.


His promise: 10 times speed.

“We want to change the world so as parties” says Prints Nigro, who previously Corrio the printing division of $ 20 million HP. “The Clients are looking for ways to transform their print (3-D) business, from prototype to production.”

The system marks the first fruits of HP print ad 2014 finals has immersed in the 3D printing. HP not pioneer in the business of printing, deployed back 3-D printers – from $ 130.000 – $ 155.000 there extermo solution to an end (including software). Development is co-system with nine companies that are business partners That could better “understand their pain points,” says Nigro.

BMW plans to integrate HP printing system in the Futura series production of parts and personal adaptation, according to Jens Ertel, head of BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Center.

Nike has been using the 3-D printing what it calls “Innovations of performance” for his shoes several years ago, says Tom Clarke, president of the innovation by Nike. The agreement should allow HP What do more.

Neither BMW nor Nike revealed what products What plan to print 3-D, there amounts due to competitive reasons.

The raid 3-D is considered a business opportunity for main HP, the division of PC and What splintered Hewlett Packard Company (HPE) printers when Hewlett-Packard the original is divided in companies back $ 50 million thousand at the end of last year. Meg Whitman, H-P Corrio That is now Director General HPE.

The market for 3-D What printers improved to $ 1.516 billion worldwide last year, could multiply to $ 640 million if it penetrates only is a 5% economy $ 12.8 manufacture Trillions of US DOLLARS, says Terry Wohlers, president of Wohlers Associates market research.

“The opportunity to use 3-D printing for the final manufacturing part – of custom to limited edition and in mass production – is enormous,” he says. “Note 3-D printing fashion products, food and living tissue.”

HP is entering non Dominated by Stratasys market, it obtained 41% of What share of the world market for industrial 3-D printers with prices over $ 5,000 last year, according to Wohlers. 3D Systems and others are remarkable EnvisionTEC market leaders.

HP printing system for ideal letter, printing customized products, EAT sports shoes with multiple designs, and other Wohlers said.

That likely 3D’re not print in mass production in large factories PARTS, many Chinese, the short-term. high costs of acquisition and installation of such systems making the futurist make an expensive option. Instead, it is seen as a way to maintain low inventories and reduce response time for custom elements.

“The barriers to production in mass are quite high” Samantha says Snabes, CEO of Re: 3D fabless of 3-D printers based in Houston. “The high-end printers are expensive” – she says it can cost millions to purchase and install them – “And you can not pop (Product) every few seconds.”

For highly specialized parts, however, the 3-D printing makes it easier to get to market faster, says Kevin Tracy, director of strategy and corporate business development of Autodesk, which is working with HP.

“No one is going to use (printing the additive manufacturing, or 3-D) AM mass to produce in a million dollar cost of items What not everyone” he says.

HP EMEA chief: We now have the agility of a start-up

Nick Lazaridis, president of HP EMEA Inc uses opening the Cannes Film Festival to speak for the channel


Six months after HP was divided into two entities, the head of HP’s EMEA region has praised Inc agility and channel partners marked the “soul” of the Company of your business.

Nick Lazaridis who has been president of HP EMEA little more than six months, made the remarks at the Cannes Film Festival, where the seller has been the official technology partner for the past 10 years.

From November 1, HP Inc. is a new company. We employ a 50,000 people and has more than 250,000 members worldwide, “he said.

“We have the strength and experience of a Fortune 100 company, but with the agility of a start-up. To cruciale HP is innovation and our goal is to design to surprise. [In the film industry] allow producers film to focus on creativity and artists to focus on what they do best.

“[The split] has allowed to become a faster organization and move faster for our partners and customers,” he added.

The firm has three pillars, explain, Personal computers, printing professionals and devices; and earlier this week unveiled its new range of 3D printers are already hailing partners eats “de l’new iPhone”.

That Lazaridis said the company is the world’s number one PC level, inkjet printers, LaserJets and charts, selling a printer and two computers every second every second worldwide.

“We believe that technology should make life better for everyone,” he said.

And HP could not achieve its goals without the channel he said.

“The channel is more than 80 percent of our business -. That is 80 percent of a $ 52 million business thousand They fils our reason for being.”

HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler banks on 3-D printing


Dion Wiesler quickly rose to CEO of HP Inc. in just three years. Wiesler has extensive experience in the PC, holding positions in Acer and Lenovo before moving to HP in 2012 as head of its Asia-Pacific and Japan Printing Systems and personal.

When the company known as “HP” was split into two publicly traded companies, Hewlett-Packard Company and HP Inc., which was drawn up. A strong advocate of technological innovation, Wiesler is confident his business will drive innovation in the digital sector, despite a decline in PC sales.

About his plans for the future of HP Inc.:

We are very pleased with the work we do with our commodity .. But we are very excited about the categories that are created, and 3-D printing is an incredible part of it. It is part of a supplement to a range of products, but we believe we have the ability to access a manufacturing industry of $ 12 billion, which is very exciting.

Wiesler speaks of the economic implications of the 3-D printing:

We believe it is really democratize manufacturing. Manufacture of today usually occurs in remote locations, and it costs a lot of inventory, storage costs, capital costs all are equal, allowing it to move much closer to production where your customers are.

Thus, companies like Nike, BMW, and Johnson & Johnson are working with us as a close technology partners and how you can build innovative products where complexity is essentially free … and bring innovative products to market.

In the life of the PC market:

PC and printing are mature categories, but there is still a market of $ 415 billion. I do not think that computers are each going to disappear, people will still have to interact with their digital worlds.

But we will create new categories. calculation immersion, the ways in which it relates to their PC, take things in the physical world, having them in the digital world, change and manipulate, then with the 3-D printing to bring the physical world.

Emirates Team New Zealand partners with HP New Zealand

Emirates Team New Zealand NZ partners with HP to drive performance in the 35th America’s Cup

HP New Zealand with Grant Dalton

HP New Zealand announced a technology alliance with Emirates Team New Zealand to help drive maximum performance team in the 35th Americas Cup Louis Vuitton Bermuda in 2017.

HP will provide its high-quality computing devices, including HP work stations ZBook industry leaders and the EliteBook series, as well as performance engineering solutions for Emirates Team New Zealand. It will work with Emirates Team New Zealand engineers to help maximize equipment performance throughout the World Cup in America series in the period prior to Bermuda.

“Having HP join us as official supplier is a historic step for the team,” said Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton. “We have a group of engineers in the field of performance and software experts are constantly evaluate our boat and external conditions for slight gains, which could shave crucial seconds off while moving around the track. the HP technology and experience enable us to our knowledge and experience bring to light ” .

“New Zealanders love the America’s Cup and we are delighted with the collaboration of HP Emirates Team New Zealand. HP has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology allow for Emirates Team New Zealand build a dynamic environment to improve your computer’s performance both in-and-out of water, “said Maddy Simpson, marketing director HP New Zealand.

HP and Google announced the new Chromebook 13 half price Chromebook Pixel

HP has announced a new 13inch upscale look Chromebook and pocket friendly prices. We tell you everything you need to know, including the new Google Chromebook UK release date, price, features and specifications.

Chromebook 13

Chromebooks have built a solid reputation in recent years as a simple, reliable and very suitable for everyday use machines. One reason for this popularity is that they are often very cheap.

The only advantage available Chromebook is great place Google Chromebook Pixel, but around £ 800, which is a bit of stretch, even for passionate fans. This could be about to change as HP and Google has just announced the new Chromebook 13, a high-end device at a midrange price. We tell you everything you need to know, including the new Google Chromebook UK release date, price, features and specifications.

New Google Chromebook: Introducing the stylish HP Chromebook 13:

Traditionally Chromebooks are plastic and have minimum specifications. This is perfectly acceptable that these two factors keep costs down while offering decent performance in web-centric Chrome OS. With the new HP Chromebook 13 has taken a very different approach.

The body has a brushed anodized aluminum chassis, slim 12.9mm in thinness, and a weight of 2.86 pounds (1.29 kg) which makes it lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air. Those who liked the industrial design of the Chromebook Pixel will be pleased that this new addition to the family of Chrome has the same thick metal hinge, bulging as their dear brothers.

A Bang & Olufsen logo in the inner case suggest that the speakers of the device have also been optimized to deliver audio quality at B & O Play, a feature that appeared in other recent HP laptops .


New Google Chromebook: Focused on businesses

The Chromebook 13 is certainly one of the most beautiful models that we have seen eyeing yet, and this refinement has much to do with the fact that HP is the corporate market rather than just home users.

This can be seen by the range of ports found in the device. For one, you can find a microSD card slot, while the other side houses two USB ports Quick-C, USB 3.0, openness and the 3.5mm headset always present. Charge the device via the USB-C ports, and the new MacBook and HP also announced the USB-C Elite dock that allows users to run two external monitors with a wide range of standard peripherals such that a mouse and a keyboard.

No new Intel Core internal Skylake-M processors, with options for one of the Pentium, M3, M5, M7 or according to your energy needs. These will be paired with up to 16GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Battery life is also described as being about 11.5 hours, which should get most people through the average work day.

New Google Chromebook: high quality display

Chromebook screens can often leave much to be desired, except in the vivid Toshiba Chromebook 2, but the new HP supply avoids taking such limitations and instead opt for an impressive QHD IPS + screen 13.3in diagonal with a resolution of 3200×1800 in the amount of 5.76 million pixels on the screen.

This seems to be a non-tactile version instead of the multi-touch screen on the Chromebook Pixel, but we believe it is a small price to pay for a very detailed and colorful display. HP does not offer a number of configurations for the Chromebook 13 with the base model, supposedly sporting a 1080p display finishing slightly lower mat specification, but we need to get a hold of before we can confirm.

New Google Chromebook: UK price and release date

For the entry level configuration – that is assuming contain 1080p display, Pentium, and 4GB of RAM – HP application £ 399. The amount of various improvements will cost is not yet known, but more information will be available to continue to update this feature.

HP said that the Chromebook 13 is now available to order from your site, but after a determined look, we could not find a listing for the device. Hopefully this will change soon.

Apple’s MacBooks Struggling to Sell While Lenovo Beats HP

The global PC market decreased in terms of deliveries. According to IDC, sales year after year (ia) slumped 11.5% in the first quarter of 2016, with almost all major brands to take a punch. HP experienced the largest decline at 10.8%, while Apple came in second with a 2.1% decline.

Sales-oriented notebooks and published data for the first quarter of 2016. The results show a bleak picture for the Apple MacBook. In this quarter, the market for portable set “fell by 7.3% (yoy) compared to a decrease of 19% in the previous quarter.

Top laptop brand 2016

the trend of continuous decline in the next quarter with shipments down 5% of the main reason why Microsoft’s plan to start charging the debit license the Windows 10 operating system.

Apple MacBooks shipments declined 40.4% in the first quarter, which puts Apple in sixth place among the eight major notebook manufacturers. MacBook shipments continued to decline partly because Apple has not provided a laptop ready to boost sales and raise anticipation.

It has also reduced sales volumes shipping MacBook temporary boost. This, along with Windows-based competitors gaining ground because Windows 10, pushed down Apple MacBooks.

But now Apple has finally managed to introduce a new MacBook on the market data that would be available in the second quarter and whether the main cause was the appeal of Apple and the lack of innovation or other factors general market.

Lenovo took the first position by replacing HP. Lenovo shipment volumes plunged 10% over the previous year, while grabbed market share from 22% in the first quarter of 2016.

The decrease HP for second place with a decrease of 21, 2% it was not particularly his own doing. In fact, the company focused on the cleanliness of shares held, paving the way for retailers to keep the new models that are ready for the second quarter.

The only positive point in the Brand laptop table was Samsung comeback. The Korean giant has made its way into the notebook market in late 2015, and thus has seen a yoy jump of 43% shipment volumes. However, only has a 2.2% share of the market. Even MacBooks Apple has a market share of 7.1% in the first quarter.

HP New Corporate Investment Arm Will Be Scouting For Startups

New giant VC arm of the technology will work in both Palo Alto and Tel Aviv.Samsung, HP Pop-Tops Do Laptop Double Duty

HP Inc. has a new investment arm to fund the creation of companies.

The personal computer and printer maker, said Tuesday that his new group, HP Tech Ventures, finance young companies working in 3D technology, calculation of immersion, artificial intelligence, and Internet of things, in appliances such as refrigerators and plant equipment are connected online.

HP Executive Andrew Bolwell lead the new investment division, which informs Shane Wall, chief technology officer at HP and director of the research division of the company, HP Labs. Unlike the background typical investment that has a fixed amount of money to distribute to new businesses, HP rather than investing directly in the balance sheet,

“The technological revolution moves to strategic markets that speak of the strengths of HP,” said Wall in a statement. “With our global brand and broad reach in the consumer and commercial markets worldwide, HP can help new businesses bring product to market and build your business in the world market as they grow. “

HP Tech Ventures operate both Palo Alto and Tel Aviv, Israel. The new company does not mention specific companies that may be looking to invest.

But some of the technologies HP seeks to fund more interest to those who are. For example, HP pushes 3D printing as a means of boosting growth, while reducing their activity.

HP HPQ centers of  ^1.71% data and enterprise infrastructure brothers, Hewlett Packard Company HP E -0.06%, has its own investment arm is separated from the new fund. In late March, the HP Enterprise investment arm led a funding round of $ 73.5 million for the start of data center software program mesosphere.

HP and HP Enterprise Inc. formally split last November distinct companies with the idea that two companies focused on their respective activities could operate a business mega efficiently.